With 20 years of experience living closely with horses and after visiting several stables, we decided to realize our dream. During the summer of 2008, inspired by our double mission of breeding Iberians and training cavaliers we came with the idea of opening a riding and breeding center, for the public, with a touch of our taste, on the family estate.

The Écurie des Diligences is located on the estate of the Simard family. They had acquired this property in1919 and our children are the fifth generation growing and living on it. This magnificent 300 acres of grassland is at the foot of Mont Orford. With its slopes, it offers green and undulated prairies. Winds bring exceptional comfort and limit the presence of insects and summer heath. The view is spectacular and the size of the estate allows us to be peacefully installed. The place seems to be shaped for the bliss and the comfort of horses.

écurie des diligences Our installations are composed of 40 acres of fenced prairies allowing horses to live semi-freely. We have two shelters with watering for horses in outdoor boarding and brood mares, an outdoor arena, and some laid out paths. During the summer of 2011, construction of a stable with 13 stalls and an indoor boarding is foreseen for our comfort and expansion. Some stalls will be available for boarders while others will be exclusively reserved for our breeding farm. Our cross-country outdoor circuit will become permanent in the near future.

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