Primavera SCF Primavera SCF

Primavera SCF

Breed: Andalusian mare
Size: 15,0 hands
Color: Gray
Born: March 6, 2007

Primavera “première qui voit” meaning “first to see” or “printemps” meaning “spring” was our first love. We acquired this mare after several years of waiting and researching. This filly was one month old when we bought her. When we looked at the videos of this filly, we were immediately caught by her predisposition to use her hindquarters to move forward naturally and her litheness. Her floating gaits and her very strong personality appealed to us.

Primavera SCF After a while and following her development, Primavera proved to us that we were right betting on her. With her long mane, powerful chest, the elasticity of her movements, the flexibility of her back, beautiful neck attachment, mettlesome temperament and playful personality, Primavera looks like a tango dancer. Her training started in 2011, at the age of four and we are looking forward to see what she will become undersaddle.

Primavera is heterozygote. Therefore she has 50% chance of producing color foals if we breed her with a colored stallion. We are impatient to see the moment when we breed her with our perlino stallion.

Primavera SCF Primavera SCF

In utero foal for sale during the fall of 2011 (for birth during the spring of 2012) issued by crossbreeding Primavera SCF (Andalusian - S) and Alabastro do Vouga (Lusitano - PSL). The foal or the filly will be registered with IALHA as pure Spanish-Portuguese (SP).

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