Alabastro do vouga

Alabastro do Vouga

Breed : Lusitano
Height : 16.1 hands
Color : Perlino
Born : October 31th, 2004

Alabastro do Vouga Alabastro do Vouga is a magnificent Lusitanian perlino stallion imported from Brazil at the age of three. Unique and charismatic, we acquired this stallion for our breeding program during the summer of 2010. At first sight, we were charmed by its personality and imposing presence. After observing his gaits and moves, we were definitely conquered.

Alabastro is extremely agile and generous. His gaits are fluid and elastic, which make of him an athlete of choice. His typical Iberian head, his strong and dense body are the result of a careful selection of the best breeds issued from Viega (on the stallion side) and Viega/Andrade (on the mare side). His elegant gaits, capable of extension and lightness, allow us to believe that we have for breeding a pillar who will surpass himself in dressage and for haute école.

Alabastro do Vouga Alabastro do Vouga Alabastro do Vouga

Alabastro has a unique personality. He likes to learn and to be looked at. Soft and charming, he will let nobody indifferent. Under the saddle, he lets himself be guided and unveils his talents. Outstanding dancer, he is the one we want to team up with.

Alabastro is the judicious choice to develop future athletes for dressage, eventing, or haute école. His foals are eligible for registration with IALHA, whatever the breed of your mare. Depending on her, the foal could be registered as: Half-Breed, Iberian Warmblood, Lusitano (PSL) or Spanish-Portuguese (PSP).

Fresh or frozen semen available in 2011. Prices starting at 1000$CDN

Mare    Fresh semen   Frozen semen   Additionnal mares  
Lusitanien 2 000 $CND* 2 000 $CND* - 20% **
Andalou 1 800 $CND* 1 800 $CND* - 20% **
Other Breeds 1 000 $CND* 1 000 $CND* - 20% **

* Collect and transportation fees to be added.
** For additional breeding

The pedigrees of Alabastro do Vouga:

Quartzo     Jaguar     Danubio III    
Soloia II     Nilo    
Quica HI     Quarteto do Top     Afiancado de Flandes    
Destinada     Mercurio    


Alabastro do Vouga is presently trained by Marie-Pierre Carignan. He will participate in various clinics and regional and national dressage competitions (level 3 open) during the Summer of 2011.

  • Dressage clinics with Étienne Le Roy, Domaine Équestre Eurêka (November 2010)
  • Dressage competition level 3 (White Fence, Florida)
  • Returning to Quebec, from training in Florida, on April 20th 2011.

Alabastro do Vouga (6 years)

Training in Florida with Marie-Pierre Carignan (feb. 2011)